Corneal neurotisation for neurotrophic keratopathy with a sural nerve autograft: a case report

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David Moore
Chameen Samarawickrama
Krishna Tumuluri
Quan Ngo


cornea, keratitis, transplants, trigeminal nerve


Neurotrophic keratopathy is a corneal disease characterised by reduced corneal sensation. Corneal neurotization is the transfer of healthy donor nerve tissue to the cornea to restore sensation. An 11-year-old male presented with reduced Mackie Stage 1 neurotrophic keratopathy from de-bulking of a cerebellopontine angle arachnoid cyst. He underwent minimally invasive indirect corneal neurotization with a sural nerve autograft to ipsilateral supratrochlear nerve and cornea. Close and objective post-operative monitoring of donor sites, the cornea, visual acuity, and tear production clearly demonstrate the efficacy of this technique, and the timeline of clinical improvement.

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