Unexpected diagnosis of a pilomatrixoma in an infant: a case report

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Daniel Wong
Timothy Chew
Edward Gibson
Bernard Carney


Plastic Surgery, Pilomatrixoma, Infant, Neoplasms


Pilomatrixomas are a benign tumour of the hair follicle.1–4 Prevalence is estimated to be less than 1 per cent of all benign skin tumours.1,3 Pilomatrixomas present as small, solitary, slow-growing subcutaneous nodules.1,3 Lesions present on the head and neck, with the face the most commonly affected.3 They are more common in adolescent years, and have a female predominance.3 Less than 10 per cent of pilomatrixomas present in patients younger than two years2 with a recent systematic review of 2189 pilomatrixomas revealing an age range of five months to 97 years.3 This case report reaffirms the need for a vigilant approach when managing paediatric skin lesions, particularly those that do not follow the expected course.

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