Facial artery myomucosal flap reconstruction of a hemilaryngectomy defect: a case report

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Sarah Adamson
Associate Professor Bernard Lyons
Damien Grinsell


surgical flaps, reconstructive surgical procedures, larynx


Background: A multitude of flaps have been used in post-laryngectomy reconstruction, involving different operative sites and histologically different donor tissue types.

Methods: Plastic surgeons have used the pedicled facial artery myomucosal (FAMM) flap to reconstruct a perilaryngeal defect following resection of a low-grade thyroid chondrosarcoma.

Results: On six-week postoperative review, the patient was eating and swallowing well, and speech was intelligible. On five-year review, the flap looked like normal mucosa and a patent airway was maintained.

Conclusion: The FAMM flap provided a novel solution with excellent functional results and no donor site morbidity, warranting its consideration for perilaryngeal defects.

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