Local reaction to FlexHD® acellular dermal matrix in breast reconstruction: A case report and review of the literature

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Robert Phan
Frank Lin
Dean White


acellular dermis, breast implants, FlexHD, masectomy, erythema


Since its first reported use for the treatment of burns victims, acellular dermal matrix (ADM) use has expanded to surgeries including repairing thoracic and abdominal wall defects, and breast reconstruction. FlexHD® is a brand of ADM prepared from human cadaveric dermis that has been processed to remove antigenic components and is used to reinforce the subpectoral pocket created during submuscular breast implant surgery. Recent documentation of a phenomenon termed ‘red breast syndrome’ (RBS) has emerged in the medical literature, with little known about its aetiology and treatment. This paper presents a case of blistering cutaneous erythema from FlexHD® ADM.

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