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Case series

Case series describe interesting or unusual cases involving one to five patients in similar situations and provide clinical insight into patient care, such as strategies for treatment and management where applicable. The generally accepted format for a case series includes a title, introduction/background, case, discussion, conclusions and references. Case series undergo a double-blind peer review process prior to acceptance.

Word count

Maximum 1500 words; include subheadings (Background or Introduction, Case, Discussion 
and Conclusion)


Maximum 150 words, unstructured; include 3–5 keywords


Maximum 5; these do not contribute to the word count


Maximum 15

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ATX-101 (deoxycholic acid injection) in submental fat reduction: a case report

Ling-Yun Chang, Tim Sebastian Peltz, William C H Parr, William R Walsh, Jeremy Hunt
Abstract 64 | pdf Downloads 114

Page 23-28

Complications of polyacrylamide gel filler in the Asian-Australian population

Amanda Yang Shen, Frank Lin
Abstract 1122 | PDF Downloads 351 HTML Downloads 552

Page 88-92

Conservative treatment of subcapital phalangeal fracture malunions

David McCombe, Brinkley K Sandvall, Christopher J Coombs
Abstract 417 | PDF Downloads 486 HTML Downloads 429

Page 47-49

Persistent median artery carpal tunnel syndrome: a case series and literature review

Jake L Nowicki, Alexander Macgregor Cameron, Philip Griffin, Quoc Tai Khoa Lam, Nicholas Marshall
Abstract 1013 | PDF Downloads 529 HTML Downloads 1068

Page 93-98

Targeted muscle reinnervation in quadruple amputees: self-reported outcomes

Emma-Leigh Rudduck, Frank Bruscino-Raiola, Margaret Angliss, Steven J Gray, David Lee Gow, Abby Hutchinson
Abstract 194 | HTML Downloads 436 PDF Downloads 197

Page 100–105

Vascularised periosteal free flap reconstruction for medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: a case series

Isabella Reid, Ian Loh, Frank Bruscino-Raiola
Abstract 240 | PDF Downloads 396

Page 113-119