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Case reports

Case reports describe interesting or unusual cases and provide clinical insight into patient care. The generally accepted format for a case report includes a title, introduction/background, case, discussion, conclusion and references. Case reports undergo a double-blind peer review process prior to acceptance.

Word count

Maximum 1000 words; include subheadings (Background or Introduction, Case, Discussion 
and Conclusion)


Not required; include 3–5 keywords.


Maximum 3; these do not contribute to the word count


Maximum 10

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Single-stage kite flap, tendon transfer and arthroplasty in a thumb injury: a case report

Duncan Loi, Ella Darveniza, Frank Hsieh
Abstract 72 | pdf Downloads 113

Page 77-79

Suprafascial first dorsal metatarsal artery perforator propeller flap: a case report

Melissa Wright, Varun Harish, Quan Ngo
Abstract 69 | pdf Downloads 139

Page 74-76

Severe abdominal fat necrosis following complications of cryolipolysis: a case report

Alexis Arasu, Sadhishaan Sreedharan , Tam Quinn, Dane Holden , Stephen Salerno
Abstract 305 | pdf Downloads 229

Page 66-69

Secondary healing over NovoSorb® biodegradable temporising matrix (BTM) in the unwell patient: a case report

Harriet Semple, Clarissa Young, Gary Kode
Abstract 63 | pdf Downloads 136

Page 70-73

Facial artery myomucosal flap reconstruction of a hemilaryngectomy defect: a case report

Sarah Adamson, Associate Professor Bernard Lyons, Damien Grinsell
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 361

Page 107-109

PET positive tattoo lymphadenopathy: a case report and review of the literature

Sarah Lonie, Alisha Fong, Peter Gregory, Manish Jain, George Pratt
Abstract 286 | PDF Downloads 396

Page 96-100

Unexpected diagnosis of a pilomatrixoma in an infant: a case report

Daniel Wong, Timothy Chew, Edward Gibson, Bernard Carney
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 295

Page 110-112

Heterotopic ossification in a soft tissue free flap vascular pedicle: a case report

Jan Janzekovic, Noah M Betar, Alicia Heald, Robert Calvisi, Admire Matsika, Yun Phua
Abstract 173 | PDF Downloads 305

Page 101-103

Digital flexor tendon rupture due to gout: a case report and literature review

Sean Kwang Howe Leow, Robert Knight
Abstract 177 | PDF Downloads 322

Page 104-106

Corneal neurotisation for neurotrophic keratopathy with a sural nerve autograft: a case report

David Moore, Chameen Samarawickrama, Krishna Tumuluri , Quan Ngo
Abstract 245 | HTML Downloads 498 PDF Downloads 170

Page 93–96

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