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Editorials present views and perspectives related to published articles, current issues or journal policy. They are concise, scholarly, insightful and thought-provoking. Editorials are commissioned by the editors-in-chief from members of the editorial board or by invitation.

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Do you need a tap on the shoulder?

Brett Archer
Abstract 179 | pdf Downloads 129

Page 10-11

Toolkit for the management of breast implants and the importance of Informed educated consent.

Anand K Deva , Mark Ashton
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 431

Page 7-8

Future development of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Australasia

Christopher Adams
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 459

Page 5-6


Mark Lee, Mark Ashton
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 321

Page 1-4

Collaborative research in Australasian plastic surgery

Guy HM Stanley, Melissa J Hirth, Michael W Findlay
Abstract 271 | HTML Downloads 201 PDF Downloads 168

Page 5-7

Wellness, burnout and resilience

Dan Kennedy
Abstract 149 | HTML Downloads 136 PDF Downloads 132 VIDEO Downloads 0

Page 4

Suffering in silence

Mark Ashton, Mark Lee
Abstract 205 | HTML Downloads 378 PDF Downloads 162

Page 1-3

The times they are a-changin'

David K Chong
Abstract 664 | PDF Downloads 248 HTML Downloads 248

Page 6-8

Light at the end of the tunnel

Mark Lee, Mark Ashton
Abstract 224 | PDF Downloads 194 HTML Downloads 256

Page 1-2

Innovation in rural workforce strategies by a national surgical society

Keith Bryant, Nicola R Dean
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 186 HTML Downloads 281

Page 3-5

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