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Editorials present views and perspectives related to published articles, current issues or journal policy. They are concise, scholarly, insightful and thought-provoking. Editorials are commissioned by the editors-in-chief from members of the editorial board or by invitation.

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Ethical practice in plastic surgery

Richard Theile
Abstract 726 | pdf Downloads 374 HTML Downloads 543

Page 5-7

Devil's advocate

Mark Lee, Mark Ashton
Abstract 523 | pdf Downloads 218 HTML Downloads 156

Page 1-2

Expanding the possibilities of hand surgery training in Australia

David B McCombe
Abstract 324 | PDF Downloads 203 HTML Downloads 142

Page 16-18

Strategic management of acute burn: implications for long-term scarring

Tania CS Cubison
Abstract 318 | PDF Downloads 220 html Downloads 149

Page 4-7

Welcoming diversity in plastic surgery

Nicola Dean
Abstract 305 | pdf Downloads 219 HTML Downloads 294

Page 8-12

The multidisciplinary management of complex facial trauma at Royal Adelaide Hospital

Broughton Snell, Ben Grave
Abstract 479 | PDF Downloads 195 HTML Downloads 124

Page 31-32

The Australian hand difference register: sharing clinical experience

David B McCombe, Christopher J Coombs
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 136 HTML Downloads 114

Page 19-20

Conferences, courses and cutting: continuing education in craniofacial surgery

Damian D Marucci
Abstract 356 | PDF Downloads 152 HTML Downloads 134

Page 13-15

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons: what’s the difference?

Mark Ashton, Mark Lee
Abstract 478 | PDF Downloads 345 html Downloads 338

Page 1-3

Lymphoedema microsurgery: are we re-inventing the wheel yet again?

Ramin Shayan
Abstract 289 | PDF Downloads 465 HTML Downloads 160

Page 21-23

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