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A keystone solution for major head and neck reconstructions

Felix Behan
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Page 79-83

An update on the management of nerve gaps

William Alexander, Christopher Coombs
Abstract 248 | HTML Downloads 13 PDF Downloads 16

Page 3-7

Defining cosmetic surgery

Nicola R Dean, Kristen Foley, Paul Ward
Abstract 3012 | PDF Downloads 76 HTML Downloads 11

Page 95-103

Does the GOSLON yardstick predict the need for orthognathic surgery?

Kirstin Miteff, Mark Jonathon Walters, Shahriar Raj Zaman, Wendy Nicholls, Steve Singer, David Gillett
Abstract 569 | PDF Downloads 9 HTML Downloads 8

Page 116-123

Dupuytren’s disease: using keystone techniques to improve vascular dynamics in fasciectomy

Felix Behan
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Page 8-16

The evolution of head and neck reconstruction

Sydney Ch'ng, Peter C Neligan
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Page 24-30

Keystone perforator island flap: a clinical summary of 28 melanoma cases

Felix Behan
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Page 45-50

New Zealand plastic and reconstructive surgery workforce: update and future projections

Amanda Peacock , Brandon Adams, Swee Tan
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Page 3-10

Plastic surgery origins and the Antipodean influence

Wayne Morrison AM
Abstract 721 | PDF Downloads 11 HTML Downloads 19

Page 6-16

The reconstructive origin of cosmetic surgery: dispelling a myth

Mark R Magnusson
Abstract 962 | PDF Downloads 12 HTML Downloads 9

Page 28-33

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