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'How to do it' guides

'How to do it' guides are focused descriptions of key aspects of operative technique. The title should start with ‘How to do…’ followed by the technique (eg ‘How to Rhinoplasty’). Articles may be accompanied by supplementary material. 'How to do it' guides are evaluated by the editors-in-chief and may be subject to peer review.

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Supplementary text Up to 3000 words with a maximum of 30 references.
Supplementary video Up to 10Mb in either QuickTime, MPEG or AVI format. Video files should be uploaded to the author’s Google Drive or Dropbox and a link sent to the Managing Editor [email protected]

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How to do lower limb reconstruction using the keystone perforator island flap

Felix Behan
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Page 105-107

How to do the Pisces mastectomy for female-to-male top surgery

Daniel WH Wong, Tai K Lam
Abstract 77 | pdf Downloads 117

Page 80-83