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Perspectives are welcome on any topic within the field of medicine/public health. These can be overview statements, personal views or studies based on surveys. Perspectives should contain a tight linear argument and be more than just a mini-review. Perspectives are evaluated by the editors-in-chief and may be subject to peer review.

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Aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive: why words matter

Robert Sheen
Abstract 392 | PDF Downloads 281 HTML Downloads 117

Page 67–69

Australia's contribution to the free abdominoplasty flap in breast reconstruction

Richard Hamilton, Ingemar Fogdestam
Abstract 347 | PDF Downloads 286 HTML Downloads 301

Page 84-89

Impact of elective surgery restrictions on training, service to the community and public

William Blake, David Morgan
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 305

Page 9-12

Margin of error: accuracy of estimated excision margins by surgical experience

Harriet K Semple, Marc J Langbart
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 350

Page 13-16

Microsurgery training for plastic surgery trainees in Australia

David Lu, Courtney Hall, Rodrigo Teixeira
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 307 HTML Downloads 326

Page 60–63

Pitfalls of telehealth in the management of skin cancer: a COVID-19 perspective

David Lu, Angela Webb
Abstract 410 | PDF Downloads 268 HTML Downloads 107

Page 64–66